February Results and stats!

So February saw me lasing 4 pounds at Weight Watchers (less than I wanted) and me not hitting all my goals.

Somewhere in the middle there I had a rotten cold and chesty cough and towards the end of the month I spent a few days driving and out of town, so I missed my targets about 6 times over the month.

But I did a total of 377,988 steps. That’s an average of 13,499 a day which is a little short of my 13,698. So as of March 1st I have stepped 748,282 times. Which mean I have 4,251,718 steps left to do. That’s now an average of 13,895 steps I need to do every day.

And with that I better get stepping :)


It started as a bad week…

So here’s where I’m at. I missed 2 targets this week. On Tuesday I just felt terrible with man flu and only hit 10,000 of my 13,698 total. And on Thursday I drove for 3 hours, did a Baby First Aid course and sit down most of the rest of the day and managed less than 7,000 steps.

My feeling was that this week would be a bit of a disaster. But Friday Saturday and Sunday I had an average step count for those three days of 18,000 steps. Which brought my week out of disaster area and about 3,000 steps over my target. Yay!

On the weightless side of things I’ve been eating whatever I fancied for the last 2 weeks and not been following weight watchers at all. I’ve started again this morning. Coincidentally I’m the same weight today as when I came to my first meeting. So I really have started again. 22st 2 is my current weight. That a number we’ll never see again. This time next week I’ll be 21st something and I’m never coming back to 22st.

Missed my first target, but….

So yesterday I felt pretty crap. Coughing and rough all day. So I missed my target by nearly 3000

But in other news I did hit my 500,000 milestone with a current total of 503305. And I’ll get those 3000 back within a few days of my old target.

Chest Infections, stats and a major milestone!

So, Friday I had a bit of a sore throat, and Saturday I had 3 hours sleep and a stinking cold. Yesterday I woke up with a fully fledged chest infection. So I feel crap. I’m full of phlegm and grot, but still (somewhat reluctantly) hitting my targets. In fact I’ve had my best week yet.
On Wednesday I hit a new record of 17,220 steps, then blew it away on Thursday by doing 18,185 steps. :)
I also have a major milestone that I’m gonna hit sometime on Monday. 500,000 steps. Woohoo!
If we divide 5 million by 10 and our time period of 365 days by 10 as well, we should be looking at 500,000 every 36.5 days. This first 500,000 took 40 days. And considering I didn’t start hitting goals until the 13th day I’m well happy with that. If I don’t hit 1,000,000 by 17th March, we may have a problem. Anyway. This week I’ve ended the week with a deficit of 40,973. That’s 14,000 more of my backlog in a little over a week. Well chuffed with that too.

An easy way to donate!


Today I signed up for JustTextGiving, which allows people to donate to my effort via Text.

You can donate any amount, and heres an example which would text £5

XERO73 £5 to 70070.

Obviously you can change the amount to what you wish to donate



400,000 steps so far!

Woohoo! After a bit of a lazy day, I’ve spent the last 4 hours walking around the flat and at work as much as possible to hit my daily step total. Which I just did.

This also pushed me across the 400,000 steps mark.

Thats also 21 days of me hitting the required 13,698 total!

January: The Results are in!

Hey All, Welcome to February!

So, on the 13th of January I started my challenge to walk 5 Million Steps. How did I do?

My total steps for January was 370,294. If we multiply that by 12, I’m a little short of the 5 Million Target (4,443,528). But that’s only because I missed out of 78, 426 steps in the first 12 days of the year. Right now 19 days later I’m only 54,344 steps behind my target. If we carry on like that, by the end of March I should be ahead of where I need to be.

Right now though I need to start todays steps. Laters! :)

Am I counting each individual step?


A few people have asked how I’m counting my steps, and several of the older generation genuinely think I’m gonna be counting them in my head and on paper the whole time.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this would be a nightmare, I’m actually tracking my steps using a fitness tracker from Fitbit called the Fitbit Flex. It looks rather a lot like this. Have a look on the menu at the top of this page over on the right to see a bit more about it.

Or take a look at www.fitbit.com/uk



Weight Watchers Progress


Today was my third weigh in at Weight Watchers and despite the fact that I’ve not been sticking to it strictly, in 2 weeks I’ve lost 3 pounds, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a year that trend would mean a weight loss of 78 pounds, which would put me somewhere around 248 pounds or 17st 10lb. Which would be just about bang on my target.

But although that would be fine, I’d also like to lose a little more than 1 or 2 pounds a week, and if I stick to it properly, I will lose the weight faster. Today I’ve stuck to it properly and I’m tracking properly, this I must continue.

End of the first full week!

Well, it’s been 13 days since I started this challenge, and I’m happy to say that I have exceeded my target of 13,698 steps everyday since I started.



And this week was my first full week (As I orginially started on Tuesday 13th January)

My total right now is 280,446 steps. That’s now 62,004 steps behind where I need to be to hit 5 Million. I’m now tracking my steps using a Fitbit Flex, kindly supplied to me by Fitbit UK to track my 5 Million Steps. I’ll be talking about it in the next week or 2 and give my thoughts.

The walking is going fine so far, but the Weight Watchers as ever is more of a challenge, as I’m not tracking properly and I’m not exactly being good, bur these things I will sort out as the walking will be a waste of time if I don’t get a handle on my calorie intake.

Hopefully my next update will be a bit more positive in this regard, I’ll also update with my latest weight later today!

5 Million steps in 2015!