Am I counting each individual step?


A few people have asked how I’m counting my steps, and several of the older generation genuinely think I’m gonna be counting them in my head and on paper the whole time.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this would be a nightmare, I’m actually tracking my steps using a fitness tracker from Fitbit called the Fitbit Flex. It looks rather a lot like this. Have a look on the menu at the top of this page over on the right to see a bit more about it.

Or take a look at



Weight Watchers Progress


Today was my third weigh in at Weight Watchers and despite the fact that I’ve not been sticking to it strictly, in 2 weeks I’ve lost 3 pounds, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a year that trend would mean a weight loss of 78 pounds, which would put me somewhere around 248 pounds or 17st 10lb. Which would be just about bang on my target.

But although that would be fine, I’d also like to lose a little more than 1 or 2 pounds a week, and if I stick to it properly, I will lose the weight faster. Today I’ve stuck to it properly and I’m tracking properly, this I must continue.

End of the first full week!

Well, it’s been 13 days since I started this challenge, and I’m happy to say that I have exceeded my target of 13,698 steps everyday since I started.



And this week was my first full week (As I orginially started on Tuesday 13th January)

My total right now is 280,446 steps. That’s now 62,004 steps behind where I need to be to hit 5 Million. I’m now tracking my steps using a Fitbit Flex, kindly supplied to me by Fitbit UK to track my 5 Million Steps. I’ll be talking about it in the next week or 2 and give my thoughts.

The walking is going fine so far, but the Weight Watchers as ever is more of a challenge, as I’m not tracking properly and I’m not exactly being good, bur these things I will sort out as the walking will be a waste of time if I don’t get a handle on my calorie intake.

Hopefully my next update will be a bit more positive in this regard, I’ll also update with my latest weight later today!

Weight Watchers

So I joined Weight Watchers.

As I mentioned in my initial post I eat too much junk and although I know I shouldn’t eat it as much as I do, I do struggle to control my eating.

Following Diet Plans do help me, as long as I can maintain motivation. Motivation might be my biggest problem. But right now I have a 3 month old bundle of motivation.


So I started Weight Watchers, so I can track exactly what I’ve eaten daily, how much more I can eat and know exactly where I’m at.

I have previously tried Slimming World, but I struggle with the Syns system. I’d rather just choose something bad once in a while without worrying I’ve gone over my Syns. So Weight Watchers was the choice.

Welcome to 5 Million Steps

This is the story of one mans attempt to drop from 326 pounds (143kg or 23st 4lbs) to something far more reasonable. To begin with the goal is 250 pounds or just under 18st, eventually to 15st or under.

 About Me

First off a few things about me. My name is James (@jimblobb on Twitter) and I live in Knebworth England.

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter more or less my whole adult life, at age 18 I was 18 stone and I’ve not been lighter than that since.

I did get back to 18 stone somewhere around 2002, but a few changes in my life for the worse eventually ended up with me getting back up to 24 stone.

Why now?

On Sept 28th 2014, me and my wife had a baby boy, who is gorgeous, but already imposing physical demands on my very overweight body. For instance bathing him hurts my knees and I do struggle a little to get up off the floor when we’re done.


Primarily I intend to lose weight via changing my diet. I am not a huge eater, just about everyone I know can eat more than me in a single meal, but I do eat just about everything that I shouldn’t just about every day, I would think nothing to a Burger, Cake, Biscuits, chocolate, a full dinner, pudding and sugary fizzy drinks on the same day. This has to stop. Full stop.

Secondly I intend to exercise, I’m going to invest in DDP Yoga when they have an app. And I’m going to walk, and walk like I’ve never walked before.

How much walking?

On average I walk 6000 steps a day as I work on my feet 5 days a week. Some days I hit over 13000, other days less than 2000.

My goal for 2015 (Other than to hit 18st) is to walk 5 million steps. That might sounds like a lot, but let me break it down a little.

My current average of 6000 steps a day works out just under 2.2 million steps. And that’s pretty easy to be honest. 5 million steps comes out at 13,698 steps a day. I do that occasionally at work. But to Hit 5,000,000 I need to do that every day… For a year.

But here we are 2 weeks into 2015 and I’m only just starting. So I’m already 178,100 steps behind! Well actually I have been tracking steps, but I’m not doing that many just yet. So far this year I have walked 85,950 steps according to the Withings Healthmate App on my iPhone.

It’s also for Charity!

I’m looking for 2 types of sponsors for this effort. Firstly I want to get sponsored in aid of British Heart Foundation. I’ll be setting up a JustGiving page in aid of BHF, and also I’ll have a sponsorship form available on me at work and if I’m out and about.

The other kind of Sponsorship I’m after is a little help from one of the fitness tracker manufacturers. If Fitbit, Withings or Jawbone want to offer me one of their latest fitness trackers, I’ll shout their name from the rooftops.

I’ll be posting new articles here weekly to give progress updates and when I hit specific Milestones. Wish me luck on Twitter, click the link on the side to follow me.

5 Million steps in 2015!